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Creative Cursor Multimedia Institute powered by Vibrantzone Multimedia is one of the fastest growing institutes in Surat that has professional trainers and infrastructure to revolutionize the skill development industry for the better. We provide intensive and dedicated training to corporate, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals through various skill development, professional and vocational courses meant to give them complete control in their niche to achieve both short term and long term goals in professional life.


In real-life professions, there are no question or answer papers. We will teach you to be a successful professional. We give you customized professional projects and assignments to judge how much you have learnt.

"We don’t make you learn, we train you".

At our institute, we have completely moved away from that practice. We try to simulate real-life professional situations inside the classrooms. Our aim is to ensure that you are able to perform at your job right from the first day. When you step out of our institute and into the professional world, you should not feel that you haven’t learnt how to deal with professional real-life situations.

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Our Courses

Graphics Design

Join graphic design classes taught by trainer who inspire you to reach your goals.

2D Animation

The 2D Animation is an ideal course for students who want to pursue a career in the Animation industry in Surat.

3D Animation

Those who want to pursue career in the 3D Animation Industry can join our course.


To earn the credential of AutoCAD course developed with and delivered by industry professionals.

Visual Effects

VFX impacts upon a diverse range of industries from film, to architecture and advertising.

Film Editing

Film Editing course is a time to embark on a career in film,television,multimedia production.

Website Design

Web design courses and improve your career prospect long been a centre for creativity and innovation our scheduled web design courses.

Web Development

Web Programming Course you get everything you need, this course will expose students to the techniques used in programming web pages for interactive content,easy to navigate platform for dynamic sites portals.

"Industry experts teach you, not professors".

All our teachers are super successful professionals who have learnt it the hard way. Right from our director to the workshop conductors, they are all successful professionals. Nobody in this institute (teaching faculty) has a less than 10 years of work experience. The courses are designed and run by faculty who are successful professionals.


At our institute, the knowledge is 100% practical. The study materials that we use are sourced from the latest developments in the field. In the world of media, You judged by how skillfully you can do your work and not how fast you can memories.

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